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Southeaster CT Bantam A 04/05 team
by Justin Olshan on 11/14/2018

Looking to travel 1/5 and 2/10 looking for tier 3 or similar skill grade  please 

West Hartford Bantam B Home Ice 11/25
by Erik on 11/14/2018

Open ice for a game, 9:20am at Veterans, Sunday 11/25

Western Pee Wee A Major 11/24-25
by George Kappus on 11/14/2018


Western Pee Wee A Major is a mid level Tier 3 team. We are looking for a couple of games with the possibility of not having a full squad for the weekend.


We are looking to host 11/25 @ 12:30, Danbury Ice Arena

Looking to travel 11/24.

Please let me know if you would like to play.

George Kappus 



Wonderland Mite B Blue Looking for games
by John Regina on 11/14/2018

We are a good B team and love a challenge!! 


We can travel on the following dates:






We Can Host at Strong B or A1 team in Brideport at 1:30PM on 




Yale 12U B Looking to Travel 1/12/19
by Eleas Vlahos on 11/13/2018

Yale 12U B is looking to travel on 1/12/19. If interested, please email, call or text me.




Echo Bantam A Open Date ... Host 1/27 Travel 1/26
by Stephen Turer on 11/13/2018

On 1/27 our home ice is 1.35pm at Bolton Ice Palace. 

Midget Minor to host 11/25/18
by Erin on 11/13/2018

The LI Edge Midget Minor A can host on Sunday, 11/25 at 12:10pm.



CT Ice Cats U12 Available to Host 11/25, 12/22 and Travel 12/1
by Katrina Parkhill on 11/13/2018

CT U12 Ice Cats have home ice on 11/25 and 12/22 and looking to travel on 12/1 (morning/early afternoon game).

Well matched against solid PW-B teams and weaker A1 teams.

Please contact Katrina Parkhill ( to schedule.

GYHA Mite B looking for games
by Kimberly Shepherd on 11/13/2018


The Griffin Youth Hockey 8U-B team has several home ice slots available on Saturday and Sunday in November/December.

We are also willing to travel if your team has available ice.



Kim Shepherd - Coach





West Haven Peewee A looking for games
by Mike Madera on 11/12/2018

West Haven Peewee A looking to host 11/25/18

9:30 am

Western Squirt Major 08
by Bill Garvey on 11/12/2018

Western Sq A 08 Major are looking to travel on 12/8.

Thanks in advance for considering.


Kind Regards


Bill Garvey

Western Jr. Colonials Squirt 08's

East Haven squirts Looking to host and travel
by Kim Carlson on 11/12/2018

East Haven squirts looking to host on 11/17/18 in East Haven @8:40. Also looking to travel 12/1/18. THANK YOU

Central Bantam 1/2 yr can travel 11/17
by Alex Rodriguez on 11/12/2018

Contact Alex Rodriguez 860-883-8602. Looking to travel 11/17. 

Central Bantam A looking to travel 11/18
by Alex Rodriguez on 11/12/2018

 Contact Alex Rodriguez 860-883-8602. Looking to travel 11-18. 

GSC PWA1 travel to you 12/9,2/17 and 2/9
by Christopher Johnson on 11/12/2018

The Greenwich Skating Club PW A1 team is a weak A1 - more akin to a B team. We have one returning PW player from last year. We can travel 12/9, 2/9 or 2/17.



Chris Johnson


cell is 2032520137

ECHO Squirt B open host & travel dates
by Jennifer Horan on 11/12/2018

ECHO Squirt B 

Can Host; Saturday Feb. 2nd @ 1:45pm

Can travel the following Sundays; Jan 27th, Feb 10th & 24th, Mar 3rd

New Canaan PWA1 looking to travel on 1/12 and 2/3
by Michael on 11/12/2018

Griffin 12U A1/B Can Host 11.18
by Bruce Wolanin on 11/12/2018

Please e-mail ( or text (860.630.0455) Griffin 12U head coach Bruce Wolanin if your team is able and willing to play us Sunday, November 18 at 8:30 a.m. We are a mid-level A1/B team.



Darien PeeWee B looking to travel on 12/16
by Jake Hennemuth on 11/12/2018

Darien PWB is looking to travel on Sunday, 12/16. We are a decent B team looking to play a good match-up against another strong B team or a lower tier A1 team. 




Jake Hennemuth

Scheduler, PWB


cell: 347 216 5322

Darien Mite B White - look to fill home and away ice
by John OBrien on 11/12/2018


Darien Mite B White team is looking to fill in the following dates:
Able to host at Stamford Twin Rinks:
Saturday Nov 24th - 8:40am to 9:40am
Saturday Dec 1st - 9:50am to 10:50am
Saturday Feb 9th - 8:40am to 9:40am
We can also consider travelling on following dates:
Sunday Dec 9th
Sunday Dec 16th
Saturday Jan 5th
Sunday Jan 13th
Sunday Jan 20th
Sunday Feb 3rd
Saturday Feb 17th
Sunday Feb 24th
if any interest, please let us know.
John O'Brien
Tel: 203-912-5988

Southeastern CT Squirt A's looking to travel
by Kelly Burke on 11/12/2018

Looking to travel on 12/1 Contact: Kelly Burke

Greenwich Blues PWA Home slot 11/17 & Travel 11/18
by Keith Orrico on 11/12/2018

The Greenwich Blues PWA have an open home slot this Saturday at 715pm at Dorothy Hamill Rink and can travel on Sunday 11/18.  Pleaselook at results to determine if a good match up and contact me asap at



Putnam Squirt B Team Looking for Games
by Joseph Mazzei on 11/12/2018

Putnam Squirt B team looking for games for the following dates:





GNH Mite Red looking for A1/lower A level teams to play
by Valerie O'Brien on 11/11/2018

We are the 2nd Mite team for the GNH Warriors and are looking for some Mite A1 or lower A teams to play to even out our schedule a bit.  We will travel or double up games if necessary to get some competitive teams on the schedule. If your team would be a good match and you have any openings email me at:



Bantam A looking for games
by Jeanne Heslin on 11/11/2018

South Windsor Bantam A is looking to host Sunday 11/15 @3PM and can travel on 12/1.

Central peewee b have home ice 1/13
by Charles Carey on 11/11/2018

we had a cancellation and have home ice on 1/13. Looking to play a high b team or a A1 team.

West Hartford PWA1 can travel 2/10/19
by Peter Martin on 11/11/2018

Mid Fairfield U12 Minor
by John Echavarria on 11/10/2018

Mid Fairfield U12 Minor (07) can host at Shelton on 12/1 at 4pm.  

Northwest Bantam A1 2 open dates
by Chris LaCava on 11/10/2018

Northwest Bantam A1 can travel on 12/8 and 1/5 due to cancellations. 


can travel on 2/23 and 3/2.

can host on 2/24


Greater New Haven Warriors Squirt A
by John Castiline on 11/10/2018

The Greater New Haven Warriors Squirt AA can host on 11/17 at 2:00 in Northford. Let me know if you’re interested.




Yale Squirt A1 - Game Wanted
by Aimee Ellison on 11/10/2018


Looking for a team to play my Yale Squirt A1 team on 12/2 at Wesleyan University @ 9:40am.  Please email me ASAP if you're interested.


Thank you

Avon Midgets can Travel 11/17 and 11/18
by William Pauling on 11/10/2018

Avon 16U team open to travel 11/17 and 11/18

Avon 18U team open to travel 11/17

Wonderland Bantam B2 Looking to Fill Spots
by Christine King on 11/9/2018

Wonderland Bantam B2 is looking to fill some slots and hope that you might be interested.

We can travel to you on: 
12/1, 12/8, 12/22

We can host you at Wonderland of Ice at 5:30 PM on:

New Rochelle PWA - looking to travel 11/25, 12/15
by Lawrence Palermo on 11/9/2018

We are a strong PWA team looking to travel on 11/25 and 12/15, if you are interested let us know.  Unforturnately we cannot reciprocate.  Thanks.

Larry Palermo

Pawling Bantam B team looking to fill spots
by Elaine Wilson on 11/8/2018

We have the following ice time available:


12/23 @ 3:45 pm

12/30 @ 3:45 pm

2/10 @ 4 pm


We are available to travel on the following:







Darien Bantam A1 looking to host on 12/9, travel on 12/8 & 2/2
by Jim Batson on 11/8/2018

Darien's Bantam A1 team is looking to host on 12/9 at Stamford Twin Rinks and travel on 12/8 & 2/2.  Please let me know if you are available on any of those dates.




Jim Batson

(203) 829-7955

Squirt AA Central Caps to travel 12/9 1/13 and 1/27 Host 2/2
by Matthew Parker on 11/8/2018

Central Capitals looking to travel 12/9  1/13 1/27 - host 2/2

Matt Parker

Looking for PWA opponent to host on 12/1 & 12/9
by John Greenwood on 11/8/2018

CT Jr Whalers 2007-white team is looking to host on 12/1 at 11am and 12/9 at 8:10am.  We are re-scheduling some mismatches, and looking for A or strong A1 teams.  Please call or email John Greenwood at 203-667-7307 if available.

U16A team looking for opponent have ice 11/11
by Jen Oleary on 11/8/2018

New Rochelle Lightning U16 A looking for opponent. We have home ice 10:30am at Playland. 

Email me ASAP if interested in playing us. 


Jen O’Leary

Yale U10 A Team can host Sat. Nov. 10
by Jeffrey McGuinness on 11/8/2018

We have a last last minute opening to host this Saturday 11/10, @ 2:45 PM at Northford Ice Pavilion.    

Yale Mite A looking to travel
by Shaun Hannah on 11/7/2018


Yale Mite A is available to travel on Saturday, December 1 and Saturday, January 26.

U14A Girls can host this weekend!
by DJ Cavaliere on 11/7/2018

The U14A Lady Sharks can host at Terry Conners Ice Rink. Will play girls or boys team. 




Contact me via text or email if interested 


DJ 203-223-6150

CT RiverHakws Bantam B looking to travel
by Drew Hall on 11/7/2018

The CT RiverHawks Bantam B are looking to travel on the following dates:





Contact Drew if you have ice at

Pawling Sq A can host 11/11 due to cancellation
by Julie Fixman on 11/7/2018

We've had a cancellation for our 11/11 slot this Sunday, looking to fill ASAP.  4pm at South Kent, Squirt A/A1


NCWC PWA available to host 12/2 at 4:30
by Jessica Holscott on 11/6/2018

Please contact me at

Peewee Game Needed
by George Sweeney on 11/6/2018

Hamden PeeWee A has an opening 11/18/18 9:40 AM in Hamden

If interested in scheduling contact

Avon Mite A can host this Sunday 11/11
by Troy Shipley on 11/6/2018

Last minute cancellation for this Sunday. Avon Mite A can host this at AOF 10:10AM.

West Hartford Squirt A - Available 11/24, 12/1, 12/22 and 1/12
by Jared Cohane on 11/6/2018

West Hartford Squirt A can host on 11/24 and 12/22.  Available to travel on 12/1 and 1/12.  Please contact me if your team has availability.

Central Bantam 1/2 yr can host 11/11
by Alex Rodriguez on 11/6/2018

Contact Alex Rodriguez 860-883-8602 if interested. 2:30pm ice sheet. 

Greenwich Blues PWA home ice - UPDATED
by Keith Orrico on 11/6/2018

The Blues PWA team has open home ice on 1/26 @ 630pm and 2/17 at 10:30am.  Please look at our results to determine if appropriate match up and if match up looks good email me at



Salisbury Mite Red and Grey Looking for games
by Matthew Atkinson on 11/5/2018

Salsbury X-ice mite teams are looking for games with teams that play two games at one time. 

The Red (B level) and Grey (C level) play games at same time. We have ice on Saturday and Sundays at 9 to have games and can travel together on either day.

As of now the only dates booked are 12/2, 12/9, 12/29, 1/13, 1/27, 2/2, 2/10,  2/17, 2/23, 2/24.

we start playing games after weekend of 12/2 

GSC PWA1 travel to you 12/9,2/17 and 2/9
by Christopher Johnson on 11/5/2018

The Greenwich Skating Club PW A1 team is a weak A1 - more akin to a B team. We have one returning PW player from last year. We can travel 12/9, 2/9 or 2/17.



Chris Johnson


cell is 2032520137

Need a Peewee A1 team for Avon Thanksgiving Tournament
by Troy Shipley on 11/5/2018

Looking for one additional PeeWee A1 team or strong B team for Peewee A1 bracket in the Avon Thanksgiving tournament.

Watertown PWA1 looking to travel 12/23
by Tyler Tompkins on 11/5/2018

Due to a cancellation, Watertown PWA1 is looking to travel 12/23.

Please email if you can host.

Thank You

Tyler Tompkins

Central Bantam 1/2 can travel 11/10
by Alex Rodriguez on 11/5/2018

Central Bantam 1/2 yr can travel Sat. 11/10, contact Alex Rodriguez 860-883-8602

Wonderland Mite B Blue Looking for A1 opponent on 11/17
by John Regina on 11/5/2018

Looking for an A1 team to play in Bridgeport at 1:30PM

Enfield SQ B can travel 12/29
by Julie on 11/5/2018

Hello, if you have ice available and would like to host us on 12/29 please let me know,

Rye Rangers Bantam A TB
by rob dorfman on 11/5/2018

Travel dates:








Host dates:




Rye Rangers Peewee A TB
by rob dorfman on 11/5/2018


Rye Rangers Peewee A TB looking to travel 11/11 and 11/18

Southern Stars Squirt A1 can host 11/18
by Pat Thompson on 11/5/2018

Southern Stars Squirt A1 can host at Milford Ice Pavilion Sunday 11/18 @ 6:15pm.  Looking for a low A / A1 / High B team.

Game Opening Due to Cancellation - Central PWC can host 11/11
by Robin Thebeau on 11/5/2018

Central PWC has available ice for this Sunday, 11/11, at 1:05PM in Newington. 

If interested, please email Robin at

Wallingford PW A1 looking to travel - February
by Jason Cerrato on 11/4/2018

Wallingford Hawks PWA1 has open dates, and we are available to travel to your rink.

Looking for A1 or B teams to play Sunday February 3,10, and 17th.

Berkshire Bruins - PeeWee B slots
by Berkshire Bruins on 11/4/2018

Home Slots Available:

Sunday 11/25, 10:45AM

Saturday 12/8, 9:15AM

Saturday 1/12, 9:15AM

Saturday 2/17, 9:15AM


Dates looking to travel:

Saturday, 11/17

Saturday, 11/24

Saturday, 12/1

Sunday, 12/2 AM

Saturday 12/16, AM

Sunday 12/23, AM

Sunday 1/13, AM

Sunday 1/27, AM




Pelham Bantam A Looking to Travel 11/11
by Charles Ripoll on 11/3/2018

To All:


Pelham Hockey Bantam A just had an away game cancellation and are looking to Travel on 11/11.  


We are Tier III Bantam A, looking to play other Tier III Bantam A or Tier II A-1/B.



Berkshire Bruins Bantam B looking to travel 11/10-11
by Joe Kotelnicki on 11/3/2018

Bantam B team from Pittsfield Mass looking for a game either 10/10 or 10/11

Yale '09AA TRAVEL availability
by Christine Gierla on 11/3/2018

Yale Squirts '09AA have the following dates open to travel:




Strong Avon Mite B Green looking for A opponents
by Troy Shipley on 11/2/2018

One of our Mite B teams is performing at the A level. Let me know any available dates. We are trying to toughen our schedule.

Darien Bantam A Can Host 11/4
by Tucker Grose on 11/2/2018

Darien Bantam A is looking for a T2/3 team to travel to Stamford Twin Rinks on 11/4 for a game at 9:55 AM.

Contact me ASAP if you can play

Enfield Mite A can host 11/18, Travel 11/24 or 11/25
by Dave Ragion on 11/2/2018

Enfield Mite A can host on 11/18 and Travel on the 24th or 25th.


Please email



Whaler PW A - TRAVEL Nov11,18, Dec2,16
by Matthew Singer on 11/2/2018

Hi folks - we have few open TRAVEL dates I'm looking to plug

Nov 11

Nov 18

Dec 2

Dec 16

Jan 27


I have CROMWELL ice slots open for 

Dec 22

Dec 29

Jan 26


We are a weak A1 level team looking to play the same.

Thanks -/Matt

203 604 7554

NCWC U18 has game slot to host on 11/10 7:40p @ DIH
by Monica Granito on 11/2/2018

CT Ice Cats U14A Tier 2 Can Travel 1/6, 1/12, 1/26
by David Kahn on 11/2/2018


Looking for tier 2 girls opponents.


David Kahn

Scheduler, U14A

Connecticut Ice Cats

Northwestern Squirt B 11.25 home ice
by Keith Goethner on 11/1/2018

Northwestern Squirt B 11.25 home ice.  We are composed of players from Mite A, Mite B, in-house and a few returning Squirts.


Sun 11/25/2018 9:00a 10:00a Northwestern CT 10U Squirt B

Canterbury Prep

GSC Bantam A -Open to Travel 12/9 and 12/16
by Chris Baxter on 10/29/2018




Westenr squirt 09 looking for a1 games higher b teams
by joe celiberti on 10/29/2018

can host in danbury


11/17 and 1/20




11/10 and 12/22

WTM U16 Looking for Games in November
by Joe Chrzanowski on 10/28/2018

The WTM U16 team is looking for games in November. 

We have home ice dates available at 2:50pm on Saturday 11/10 and 11/17 at the Olympia Ice Rink in West Springfield MA

We are available to travel and play teams on Sunday 11/4, 11/11, and 11/18.

We may also be available to travel to games on Friday 11/2 and 11/16.

First come, first serve. Please contact me ASAP if interested.


Thank you 

CT RiverHawksBantam A looking to travel 11/17
by Melissa Finkenzelelr on 10/26/2018

CT RiverHawks Bantam A looking to travel 11/17/18. please email me if you have open ice.

Melissa Finkenzeller

Northwest PWA
by John King on 10/26/2018


Can Host: 

2/1 @ Webster Bank Arena 4pm

2/10 @ Canterbury 2:45pm

2/17 @ The Gunnery 10:30am


Can Travel:





Northwestern Connecticut Youth Hockey, Ice Hockey

Enfield SQ can Travel
by Julie on 10/26/2018

Enfield Squirt B team can travel for A and B level teams on the following dates:




We can host on 2/24.

Please let me know if you have any availability.

Thank you

Darien Mite B Blue looking for games
by Peter Franchetti on 10/25/2018


A strong Mite B team looking for available dates.

Wonderland PWB1 dates available
by Jonathan Dilley on 10/24/2018

Wizards Pee Wee B1 are seeking competitive games


We are a solid B team and have the following dates open:


At WOI @ 3PM: 11/3; 11/10;12/8; 1/5; 1/12;1/26; 2/2


At your rink: 11/4; 12/9; 12/16; 1/13; 2/3


Please contact me if interested.

Jon Dilley

(203) 414-8968

Ridgefield PWA1 can host on 11/24, 1/5 and travel 1/6, 2/9
by Sam Williams on 10/24/2018

Due to some cancellations, we've got some new dates available.  We are the third of four teams and are looking for weaker A1 teams or solid B teams.




Sam Willaims


Ridgefield Squirt A can host on 11/24 and travel on 1/27
by Sam Williams on 10/24/2018

We've got a couple of new dates open due to cancellations.  We are the second of four teams in the program and seek weak A, A1, or strong B teams.




Sam Williams


Simsbury PeeWee A can HOST 1/20
by Ann Buckley on 10/23/2018

Simsbury PWA can host on 1/20.


Please let me know if you are interested.



Simsbury PeeWee B Blue can TRAVEL1/5, 3/2 & 3/10
by Ann Buckley on 10/23/2018

Mid Level Tier 4 PeeWee B Blue can travel:

1/5, 3/2 and 3/10


Please let me know if you are interested.

Simsbury PeeWee B Gold can TRAVEL 2/2 & Host 3/3
by Ann Buckley on 10/23/2018

Simsbury PWB Gold - Mid-Level Tier 4 can:

Travel on 2/23

Host on 3/3 8:15AM


Please let me know if you are interested.


Exhibition games thanksgiving weekend
by Michael Brdey on 10/23/2018

Our Thanksgiving tournament just got canceled. We are looking to either host or travel Thanksgiving weekend. If you are interested in traveling to Long Island or have ice please let me know. We are a relatively strong Peewee AA team(06).

Mike Brdey
Long Island Gulls 
Peewee AA Red Team 
Head Coach

Southeastern CT Seahawks Squirt A can travel 12/1
by Kelly Burke on 10/23/2018

Looking to travel 12/1 Contact Kelly

1st/2nd year house team looking for games
by Dalton Baker on 10/22/2018

I have a "House Development" team looking for a few games.

All players are either 1st or 2nd year kids ranging from 9-13 yrs of age.

Would like to get them a few games / scrimmages.





Central Squirt A1 - Available Travel Dates
by Jason Zito on 10/22/2018

Central Squirt A1 is available to travel on the following dates. Please contact Jason Zito ( if interested in hosting. Thanks!




Central Squirt A1 - Available Home Dates
by Jason Zito on 10/22/2018

Central Squirt A1 is available to host on the following dates. Please contact Jason Zito ( if interested. Thanks!

12/1 at 11:40am in Newington

12/15 at 11:40am in Newington

12/22 at 11:40am in Newington

1/12 at 11:40am in Newington

2/2 at 11:40am in Newington

Watertown Bantam A1 games needed
by Michael Ances on 10/22/2018

The Watertown Bantam A1 team can host on 12/2 and 12/9 at Shelton and we would like to travel on 12/8 and 12/15.  We are a low tier III/high tier IV team.


Please let me know if you have any availablitiy.


You can email Mike Ances at



Ridgefield Mite A&B Hosting Jamboree 11/18
by Shannon Tomaszewski on 10/21/2018

The Ridgefield Amateur Hockey Association cordially invites you and your team to participate in our 3rd annual mite jamboree on Sunday, November 18th in Ridgefield Connecticut.

Looking for Mite A & Mite B teams! 

Please contact Nate Allen with Questions or to RSVP: Nate Allen |



NLGH U8 looking to travel
by Lisa Fanelli on 10/19/2018

Northern Lights U8 Silver (B/C level) is looking to travel on 12/8 and 12/15. Please let me know if you have any availability! Thanks :)

Yale Bantam A looking to travel 12/8
by Holly Maturo on 10/18/2018

Looking to travel Saturday, December 8

W. Hartford Mite A Open Dates Nov 11&17, 12/29 & 2/24
by Brian Keena on 10/18/2018

Open Dates where we can travel:

Nov 11 -

Nov 17 -


Open dates where we can host at Vets in W. Hartford:

Dec 29 9:10 

Feb 24 9:10


Please let me know if anyone is interested.


Thank you,


Northeast Huskies Mite A looking for games
by Russ Wilmot on 10/16/2018

We are looking to fill out our schedule.

All home games are 820-920am at Uconn

The following are open:

Home (Our ice) 11/25, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2

Away (Your ice) 12/15, 12/22, 1/12, 1/19, 2/10, 2/17, 3/3

Please email me with any inquiries

Northeast Squirt A looking to travel 1/27, 2/24
by Mike Iacampo on 10/15/2018

Have open dates for travel 1/27 and 2/24. Squirt AA, A and A1 teams are suitable.

Western Squirt A 08's Open Dates
by Bill Garvey on 10/15/2018


Western Jr Colonials Sq A 08's (Major) have the following slots available:








Thanks in advance for considering


Bill Garvey

Western Sq 08's Asst. Coach/Scheduler

Northeast Huskies Mite B1 looking for games
by Steve Poulin on 10/14/2018

1/26 at 820
2/10 AT 820
Away 10/28

Southeaster CT Bantam A
by Justin Olshan on 10/8/2018

1/5/18 we can travel looking for games 

12/1  travel


1/6 we can host

1/27 we can host

1/20 we can host 

Southeaster CT Bantam A
by Justin Olshan on 10/8/2018

1/6/2019 We are looking to host in Norwich Bantam A

Southeastern CT Pee Wee A's looking for game 12/2
by Kelly Burke on 10/5/2018

We are looking to travel on 12/2..preferably an A team if available Thanks Kelly Burke

Ridgefield Mite A - Looking to host 2/23
by Shannon Tomaszewski on 10/4/2018

Ridgefield Lions Mite A team looking to host at WinterGarden Ice Arena (Ridgefield, CT) on Saturday 2/23 at 2PM. 

Email Shannon if interested: 

Reciprocal ice not required! 

Ridgefield Mite A - Looking to host 11/24
by Shannon Tomaszewski on 10/4/2018

Ridgefield Lions Mite A team looking to host at WinterGarden Ice Arena (Ridgefield, CT) on Saturday 11/24 at 12:40PM. 

Email Shannon if interested: 

Reciprocal ice not required! 

Wonderland Mite B White looking to travel on 12/29
by Brendan Moll on 9/29/2018



We have one travel date left to fill on 12/29.  Wonderland Wizards Mite B White.

CT Jr Rangers 2009 Squirt looking to travel
by Jennifer Miller on 9/27/2018

CT Jr Rangers 2009 Squirt 2nd team is looking to travel on the following dates:











Contact Jennifer Miller


western squirt a1 looking for 11/10 game
by Joe Celiberti on 9/26/2018

Enfield Bantam Half Year looking to travel
by Gordon Perkins on 9/24/2018

Enfield Bantam Half Year team is looking to travel on the following dates (As of 9/24 all are open).  If you are looking to host please let me know.  Probably will not have any home ice to reciprocate at this point.








Enfield PeeWee B Games Needed
by Richard Scola on 9/23/2018

Enfield PeeWee B have the following days available.


To Host: 10/13, 11/3, 12/29, 2/2, 2/16 and 3/9

To Visit: 10/14, 11/11, 12/30, 1/6, 2/3, 2/17 and 3/10


Bantam B travel game needed 11/17
by Heidi on 9/22/2018

Darien Bantam B (mostly 2005)  Looking to travel:

November  17

Southern CT Stars Mite A Open Travel Dates
by David Burr on 9/12/2018

The Southern CT Stars Mite A Team is looking to travel on the folowing dates:






Please email me at if you are interestred in scheduling our team.

Yale AA 05 (Bantam) looking for games at Ingalls
by Cheryl Quick on 9/10/2018

Ingalls Rink Yale University

Yale AA 2005 Team looking to host. 

Location: Yale University Ingalls Rink


Saturday 10/20 @ 11:00

Sunday 11/4 @ 1:00


Contact: Cheryl Quick asap.  These slots will go fast.

Also have home slot on 1/13 at 1:50 in our Northford Rink

Western Colonial Squirt Spilt Squad - A1 with some new players
by Lisa Smith on 7/30/2018

Please use this Google Sheet to schedule with the Danbury Western Colonials HOME ice for our Squirt Spilt Squad -A1 - we are more of a B team.

Southern CT Stars Mite A Open Game Dates
by David Burr on 7/30/2018

The Southern CT Stars Mite A team has the following dates open to travel for the upcoming season:



Saturday, 11/17

Sunday, 12/23

Sunday, 2/3/19



Please contact me at if you are interested in scehduling any of these dates.




Dave Burr

Head Coach & Scheduler


Northwestern Bantam A1 looking for games
by Chris LaCava on 7/27/2018


Northwestern Banatm A1



10/7, 10/14, 12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 12/23, 1/6, 1/13, 1/27, 2/3, 2/17, 2/24



10/6, 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10, 11/24, 12/1, 12/22, 1/26, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23, 3/2, 3/3


Adding New Items
Add your own listing by clicking the "Add New Item" button at the top of the page. This will bring up a simple form where you can enter information about your item and even an optional photo. After submitting the form, you will receive an e-mail with a key number you use to confirm your listing.  Once confirmed, your item will be immediately added to the exchange. It's that simple and there's no waiting.

To make a change or delete the item after it's sold: Click the Edit - or Delete - buttons that will appear next to your item.  Note that these buttons will only appear next to items you've submitted and only when using your computer.  No one else (except the web master) can edit or delete your submissions.  Also note however, that submissions deemed to be inappropriate for this web site will be immediately removed.