The Connecticut Hockey Conference is the governing body for USA Hockey in Connecticut
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Girl’s Tryout Guidelines
Tier I programs and Tier II programs that do not have any Tier I teams are allowed to ask a player for a commitment letter and deposit to hold a spot on a team following tryouts. This commitment letter and deposit is non-binding until the first Sunday in May. If the player asks for that deposit back prior to the first Sunday in May, it must be refunded and the commitment letter would be void. If a player is requesting a refund they must email the program prior to May 8th and copy Joe Dymarczyk  on that email. The only money that does not have to be refunded is the (reasonable) tryout fee for the team the player is trying out for. We say a reasonable fee because we don't want to see a program charge $300 for a try out. Then, if the player is picked, telling the player that the $300 will go toward their yearly fee for the program. But if the player decides to go to another program prior to the May 8th date, the first program could say the $300 was a tryout fee.

Please contact Joe Dymarczyk at  with any questions.